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FOX News
Feb 25, 2011 6:00pm EST
. >> at the white house, with president obama called other heads of state and the aides met for two hours in the situation room, u.s. policy emerged more clearly, centered on individual and multilateral sanctions. weapons embargo and asset freezes. at the same time, secretary of state clinton ordered suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tri poe lie and 19 officers in the building with spirited out of the country on chartered flight to istanbul. a top aide explained what triggered the decision. >> chaos in the street, gunfire begin. >> they have lost control over swath of the country in the east where the opposition figures are forming the ad hoc committee to restore law and order signaled most oil contracts will be upheld. the obama administration made clear the u.s. has yet to open up its own dialogue with the libyan rebels who may run the country. >> i'm not aware of the discussions that we may be having with different folks in libya. >> we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch with opposition figures. >> the u.n. human rights council voted to con
FOX News
Feb 18, 2011 6:00pm EST
obama's comments on the situation, but we begin with correspondent mike tobin live in madison. good evening. >> reporter: capital grounds are swarming with people, putting pressure on scott walker. 14 democrats, however, are missing. those are the state senators that crossed state lines to prevent passage of the budget repair bill. components of the weakened collective bargaining the essence of union strength. >> this is what a governor gets when he threatens the power of the union. >> in a state where teachers' salaries and benefits total to more than $87,000 per year, 2.7% higher than the national average they understand the need to ante up for health care and a pension but the collective bargain they say is untouchable. >> i'm still willing to take the pay cuts but what i'm scared about we don't know where it will end. because all of our protection electing gone. >> scott walker wants the state legislature to pass a bill that would end the collective bargaining rights for public employees and in turn, increase their healthcare and pension payments. he says it will help ease the s
FOX News
Feb 4, 2011 1:00pm EST
that the departure of president mubarak will happen. he will leave. but the big question is whether obama and the u.s. administration have the end game in place. do they know what will happen the minute he leaves? do they know who will fill the vacuum? this is no gain. i know everybody is watching it on television, but it's not a movie. it's real life. and these are real people. and this is a very, very volatile and very unpredictable region. and we want to make sure that whatever happens in egypt next is for the best for the egyptain people and the stability of the region. this could be mubarak's last weekend, but it could be egypt's last weekend of stability. and i think that this should be managed cautiously, gradually and carefully to assure that when mubarak leaves, there is a credible regime in place, which will, indeed, bring the egyptain people the democracy and freedom that they wish and they deserve. megyn: more and more some are focusing on elbaradei, who was a u.n. weapons' inspector that went into iran. he said there was nothing to worry about. when he got out, other weapons' inspector
Feb 27, 2011 7:00am EST
obama is at the white house most of this week. he is in miami on friday. in new york, the un secretary general congratulating the secretary -- security council in taking a united stand against libya. slapping sanctions on the libyaan leader, his family, and assisted. the white house is urging the leader to leave as soon as possible. in wisconsin, the budget battle continues. good morning for this sunday, february 27. if you could advise the president to sit down with one person, who would that be? 202-737-0001 our line for republicans and 202-737-0002 for democrats and if you are an independent, the number to call is 202-628-0205. a look at some of the headlines from outside washington. in madison, wisconsin, saturday's gathering the largest so far as 70,000 demonstrated against the budget cuts. the headline is -- the anatomy of a protest. meanwhile, from the pittsburgh post gazette, obama urges gadhafi to quit. many believe the changes could herald a new dawn of a new epoch after centuries of humiliation in the arab world. the "chicago tribune", rahm emanuel prepares to take over as t
FOX News
Feb 27, 2011 3:00am EST
. this week, president obama ordered the justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we will find out. also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? is this group also infiltrating the united states. and one is a drammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star. the other a hard rocker. and former guitarist for the metal band korn and you couldn't think they had anything in common by looking at them. they do. michael w. smith and brian welsh. hell of a competitor are here tonight. we will have a great time. [ applause ] this week, two stories have dominated the news. one is the crisis in libya where it its maniacal leader moammar qadaffi who dresses like lady gaga and rants like charlie sheen has taken to shooting his own people. and the other is wisconsin where democratic senators had rather run than fight. they left the battlefield for the bed and breakfast. i willle r
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 11:30pm EST
standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> president obama finally addressing the violence in libya on wednesday. the administration also expressed concern for americans in the region. this as the state department works to get citizens out of libya. while that's going on, more journalists have been trying to get in and that would be incredibly dangerous. let's start with judy miller, judy, you've been to the region and met and interviewed gadhafi, many times. >> is he really nuts? well, let me buput it this way. i'm lucky i'm not a blond. he reefers blond female reporters, but i managed to sneak in and interview him a lot of times. look, you can't be totally certifiable and hang on to power in a country in libya 42 years. that being said he's as close to psychotic as any leader i've ever interviewed and i think what's going on now is surely, surely crazy behavior. i had expected more of his son. i think i had worked with saif, on some nurses his father accused spreading aid in theed country and many libyans believed he would be the kinder, gentler next generation and now we
Feb 25, 2011 5:00am EST
until we die. >> u.s. president barack obama has been talking to british prime minister david cameron. they have agreed to coordinate all possible measures. obama has also spoken to the french president, nicolas sarkozy and the italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi about the international response. on friday, the u.n. human rights council will meet in geneva to discuss the crisis. the united states wants libya thrown out of the council. >> we support expelling libya from the human rights council. the libyan government has violated the rights of its people. taking this step continues the increased isolation that the libyan government is facing. >> at tripoli airport, scores of people try to get a ticket out of libya. thousands have already managed to leave. these evacuees flown to italy by military plane. >> quite an interesting area to be in. >> a day of mass protest is planned in libya on friday, with continued pressure on colonel gaddafi to step down, it is difficult to see how he can stay on as leader of this troubled country. >> my league is leading our demoverple cairo. hello
FOX News
Feb 27, 2011 8:00pm EST
studios in new york city. this week, president obama ordered his justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans recognition of same sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we are going to find out. and also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? but, is this group also infiltrating the united states? and one is a grammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star, the other a hard rocker and former guitarist for the metal band corn and you wouldn't think they have anything in common looking at them, but they do. michael w smith and brian welch ahead, they are he' here tonight and we're going to have a great time. [applaus [applause] >> and this week, two stories have dominated the news. one is the crisis in libya, where its maniacal leader, moammar qaddafi dresses like lady gaga and rants like charlie sheen, and the other is the outgoing scream fest where democratic centers would rather run than fight and leave the battle field. and
Feb 22, 2011 5:00pm EST
, but how far would and could the obama administration go to prevent a full fledged massacre? >>> and a powerful earthquake leaves one of new zealand's largest cities in ruins. dozens are dead, and more may be trapped under crumbled buildings and chunks of concrete. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we fin with a very, very real danger that anti-government protesters in libya could be slaughtered in huge numbers. the strong man moammar gadhafi making it clear today that he won't go down without a fight. eight days into the demonstrations against gadhafi's regime, at least one person in the libyan capital is reported hearing bullets are being fired non-stop. this is the picture gadhafi wants the world to see. we're told libyans were dragged into the street and even offered money to show their support though for gadhafi. and in a rambling speech today, the libyan leader rejected demands that he step down, and he warned that his opponents would pay with their lives. >> translator: whoever cooperate with foreign countries in order to initiate war against libya
Feb 15, 2011 4:00am EST
. >> u.s. president barack obama warns it's time for america to live within its means as he lays out proposals to reduce his country's $14 trillion federal debt. >>> and we examine the rising price we're all paying for basics like wheat. and the impact that's having on food aid to afghanistan. >>> let's start by checking in on stock markets here in europe, open now for 62 minutes and here is whether they stand, if we can have a look at the numbers. just up slightly in the case of the london ftse, unabout a third of a percent for paris and zur, the xetra dax, somewhere between the two. one stock that's moving today is barclays, barclays banks based here in the uk, the bank's earnings are up almost one-third from last year, $9.8 billion. barclays shares last time i looked were up by just over 1.6%. now, growth figures out today from france and germany have both proved disappointing. those are likely to weigh on market sentiment. perhaps more on that in a moment. the french economy grew one third of a percentage point in the last quarter of 2010 and germany expanded just 0.4%. economist
Feb 26, 2011 6:00pm EST
obama condemning moammar gadhafi's attacks on protesters and his vow to execute his enemies. the unrest, the violence and the threats exploding in libya this week. gadhafi acting and sounding as defiant and as dangerous as ever. the libyan leader appeared yesterday before seemingly supportive crowds in tripoli where his opponents have been largely scared off the streets. but outside the capitol opposition forces have been gaining ground moving closer and closer to gadhafi's power center. cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman is one of the few reporters inside libya. he's been in the midst of the protests in libya's second largest city benghazi. [ chant [ speaking in foreign language ] ♪ si [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: this demonstration in benghazi gives you an idea of the passion of the people of this city, the passion of so many libyans who have been thirsting for 42 years for this sort of opportunity, the chance to express themselves freely. [ chanting in foreign language ] >> reporter: we arrived in this city. and from the beginning, everywhere we w
FOX News
Feb 25, 2011 9:00pm EST
? there is no defending that. >> if president obama had run on a promise to guarantee universal health care and on taking office had come in and nationalized the entire medical industry you would say he was exercising dictatorial powers. >> you are not answering my question. [ talking over each other ] >> thank you gentlemen, i appreciate it. >> coming up, the government shutdown may be around the corner. sean gets the rnc's chairman thoughts. >> as muammar qadhafi khreupblss to power, does the white house have -- clings to power, does the white house have a strategy to deal with it? john bolton is here with his analysis. stay tuned. [ my vet thinks my insidesng i aare in mint condition.up. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ g ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. h like the pros you gotta wake up early like t
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 8:00pm EST
and 15 other people in his inner circle to face international travel bans. president obama calling on the leader to leave saying he has lost his legitimacy. you now know the news as fox reports this saturday, february 26, 2011. glad you were along. have a great saturday night. "huckabee" is now. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> hello, everybody. welcome. welcome to "h huckabee" from the news studios in new york city. this week, president obama ordered the justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we will find out. also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? is this group also infiltrating the united states. and one is a drammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star. the other a hard rocker. and former guitarist for the metal band korn and you couldn't think they had anything in common by looking at them. they do. michael w. smith and brian
Feb 22, 2011 4:00pm EST
see that might be able to be done that isn't being done to save lives in libya? >> president obama has to condemn the gadhafi regime. it's been -- we're way passed the freedom of expression and the freedom to protest in libya. right now, he should bring people with live rounds. he's killing people with mortar shells. there's videos coming out which gives you all of the videos from everybody b. we're learning that everybody's gunned down, doctors are being killed. it's a genocide right now. i don't think the media can grasp what's going on. we're there every second on twitter, facebook, on the phones. president obama needs to stand against the gadhafi regime. the deals made with the previous administration don't count. they don't exist anymore. there's going to be a new administration in libya and it's in our best interest as americans to fight for freedom everywhere. and to at least verbally stand up. we're not asking for the military. we're not. we're just asking for president obama to condemn the gadhafi regime and for the u.n. to supply medical supplies. people are dying from their
Feb 28, 2011 5:00pm EST
and the obama administration seizing the moment. now issuing an urgent new call for democracy in iran. could the government of ahmadinejad be the next to fall in the middle east? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a defiant moammar gadhafi is refusing to acknowledge any signs of political turmoil in his country. in interviews with the bbc and abc news reported today that gadhafi fiercely denied using force against his own people. >> they love me. all my people are with me. they love me owl. they will die to protect me and my people. no, no, no. >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and they say they are against you there? >> my people, they come from outside. >> he was referring to al qaeda. meanwhile, the u.s. treasury department has announced it's freezing at least $30 billion in libyan government assets here in the united states. it's reportedly the largest amount ever blocked under any sanctions program. we're covering this story from every angle on the ground as only the global resources of cnn can. let's go to our senior international c
FOX News
Feb 26, 2011 4:00pm EST
obama announcing economic sanctions against the regime saying the united states will freeze billions of dollars in government assets. the economic vice may get tighter. the united nations is holding a weekend session and they are debating a resolution that would impose their own sanctions. julie banderas is covering that angle. >> julie: they are honing to get a vote while there is a broad support for a draft resolution to impose international sanctions against muammar khadafy's government. some countries remain split over whether to refer the issue to the rarely used international criminal court. at a closed-door meeting, china right now is the only country still objecting to an immediate icc referral which would include an investigation of crimes against humanity committed by khadafy against his people since february 15th. the crackdown has resulted in the killings of at least a thousand civilians. meantime, the u.n. resolution was drafted by u.k. and france that would include an arms embargo freezing assets and a travel ban against khadafy, his family and top lieutenant commanders
FOX News
Feb 27, 2011 2:00pm EST
group could president obama do more to topple moammar qaddafi? and our power players of the week taking on the leaders in iran by making fun of them. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers, our first has become the new it boy of republican politics. republican governor mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits into surpluses. he should be the republican nominee for president next year some say. governor daniels joins us. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: we need to say what's goods obligor therein you had rotator cuff surgery and not going to be ready for spring training. >> all the jokes have been made. >> chris: you are in the middle of a standoff right now with house democrats who have crossed state democrats in illinois and blocking any action in the legislature. they first said that they were fighting against a right-to-work law which is now dead. now they say they are fighting against 11 other bills on the agenda. que
Feb 26, 2011 5:00pm PST
against libya. this, while president obama for the first time called for moammar gadhafi to step down. here in the bay area demonstrators gathered at the u.n. plaza in san francisco. we'll have the latest. >>> the close call a pilot had today after his plane crashed just after taking off from the palo alto airport. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. snow fell in parts of the bay area today, but nothing like the forecast called for. well, now the temperatures are headed down again. we have team coverage on this cold snap. kimberly terry tells us house nurseries are preparing for all this. but we check in first with rob mayeda. >> record-breaking temperatures early this morning. 20s out in san rafael, 28 degrees, napa 27, 34 in oakland and 35 at sfo airport. it was around twin peaks in san francisco we had the dusting of snow overnight. even around san jose, early in the morning, but mainly just some rain. but notice what happened during the day today. we had pretty intense showers rolling through. morgan hill and san martin. brent canon reporting show
Feb 28, 2011 9:00am EST
, where rebels do seem to have control of that part of libya. president obama meets with ban ki-moon. everything that they say from here on out they want international cover particularly from the united nations. >> we'll keep an eye on it, if we can get the shot up from tripoli we'll get it to you for sure. >>> back in washington, lawmakers are walking into a political cooker. both parties are weighing a republican plan to keep things up and running for a few more weeks. kelly o don cell -- who blinked? harry reid or john baner? >> it's almost a combination of both because what boehner did is he emphasized some of the cuts the president has said he wanted to make, very tough for democrats to go against that. so many people are looking at this and saying that republicans kind of have the edge here on this because they're going to get what they wanted, cutting $4 billion for two weeks. that's a pro-rated amount of what they're looking for and it gives democrats a chance to say that republicans came to their side with some of the cuts. there are democrats who believe these cuts are
Feb 18, 2011 5:30pm PST
in silicon valley is innovation. and that's what brought president obama to these parts. >> lehrer: and kwame holman details the tug-of-war in congress today over spending cuts. >> woodruff: plus, mark shields and david brooks provide their weekly analysis. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> okay, listen. somebody has got to get serious. >> i think... >> we need renewable energy. >> ...renewable energy is vital to our planet. >> you hear about alternatives, right? wind, solar, algae. >> i think it's got to work an a big scale. i think it's got to be affordable. >> so, where are they? >> it has to work in the real world. at chevron, we're investing millions in solar and biofuel technology to make it work. >> we've got to get on this now. >> right now. moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. pacific life-- the power to help you succeed. and by toyota. the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoin
Feb 26, 2011 12:30am PST
. president obama said the sanctions would target the assets of colonel qaddafi, members of his family and the libyan government while at the same time protect the interest of the libyan people. britain and france have drafted the u.n. security council resolution, which calls for an arms embargo as well as multilateral sanctions. earlier i spoke to our correspondent in new york. the timing was important because the president waited until the evacuation of all u.n. nationals from libya before imposing sanctions. >> that was a concern for the united states and some other european countries who have quite a lot of nationals in libya to be seen to be taking strong action while their citizens were still at risk in the country. now president obama has formalized what his officials announced earlier today, which is the position of financial sanctions, particularly they are freezing the assets and the property of libyan individuals and government in the united states. so the individuals include the family members of colonel mumetar qaddafi, senior liberal officials designated by the u.s. treas
Feb 27, 2011 8:30am PST
teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. and i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage, especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top, and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general, i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker, i think. do you believe that the budgetary proble
Feb 22, 2011 11:00am EST
late today. >>> president obama will lead a forum with small business owners at cleveland state university this hour. we will listen to see what the president might say about libya or the deaths of the four americans killed by pirates. >>> the earthquake damage in new zealand, it is horrific. all you have to do is just take a look. this building collapses onto a street. at least 65 people are confirmed dead in christchurch but that number is expected to rise. much of the city is in ruins. the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck during lunchtime. dazed, bleeding residents were walking in the streets strewn with debris and concrete. several people are trapped. we heard from one woman who was waiting to be rescued. >> i hope someone knows i'm here. sigh suppose they do. >> you said earlier it sounded like rescuers were coming. >> yes. there are other people on other floors, and they are trying to get up and get everyone out. i just have to wait. >> yes, yes. what goes through your mind? >> oh, well, a couple hours ago, i thought i'd had it. i said good-bye, and i managed to wiggle a bi
FOX News
Feb 27, 2011 6:00pm EST
, could the president obama do more to topple muammar qaddafi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran, by taking fun of them, all, right now, on fox news. and hello, again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers, our first guest has become the new "it" boy of american politics, republican governor mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some say he should be the republican nominee for president, next year. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> chris: we need to say what is going on, you had rotator cuff surgery and will not be ready tor spring training. >> all the right wing jokes have been made, so... >> chris: all right, you are -- skutz me, in the middle of a stand off now with house democrats who have crossed state lines that are inside illinois, and, are blocking any action in the legislature and first said they were fighting against the right to work law which is dead and now are fighting against 11 other bills on the agenda. ques
Feb 16, 2011 6:00pm EST
of the house, he's singing a little different tune. >> over the last two years since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. >> if some of the jobs are lost, so be it? from the guy who ran the campaign on where are the jobs? of course he's wrong on the numbers. and the number of jobs created, the net increase was 58,000, if since obama has come in. so boehner was only off by about 142,000. you know why he was off by that? because he picked the number out of his back pocket. they just make it up! it's amazing. the office of management and budget found that, in fact, in 2010, there were 8.4 federal employees for every 1,000 americans. under bush, there were 9.1 federal workers per 1,000 citizens. do you know what that means? that means that president bush had more federal employees per capita. in fact, under president obama, we're seeing the lowest level of federal employees per capita since before 1962. so less federal employees per capita, and they call him a socialist anyway. oh, he's ad
Feb 18, 2011 3:00pm PST
president obama sided with the state workers. >> some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. >> woodruff: speaker of the house john boehner took issue, saying: >> if the president truly wants an adult conversation about our fiscal challenges, shouting down reform-minded leaders is a bad way to start. call off the attacks and lead, mr. president." the fight is being joined in other states, where republicans are also trying to lower employee benefits. protests are planned in coming days in ohio, indiana, missouri, new jersey, and pennsylvania. more than 20 state legislatures are considering benefit cuts. we get two views now on the issues being debated in wisconsin and elsewhere. randi weingarten is president of the american federation of teachers, one of the unions protesting in wisconsin. she was in madison last night. and jonathan williams is the director of the tax and fiscal policy task force for the american legislative exchange council, which represen
Feb 24, 2011 1:00pm EST
, policy priorities, have been completely upset by this development. the obama administration came into office two years ago planning to work on israeli- palestinian peace, planning to engage with iran to try to prevent the emergence of iran as a nuclear power and frankly, it had no interest in what it saw as the failed freedom agenda of george bush. what we now see is that these demands for change in the region for democratic governments in the region have forced a's selves onto obama a agenda. he has chosen wisely to get on the right side of this and to be in favor of the spread of democracy and human rights in the region. i think the administration is playing catch up. they are trying very much to show they were on top of these issues all along and were in favor of these things all along, but to be honest, there was not much attention and much priority given to these issues to what was happening inside arab countries and change that might be coming from inside arab countries. there was not much attention given to that at all. over the last couple of years. the two other issues t
Feb 9, 2011 10:00pm EST
or is that not fair? >> i'm not a big fan of the obama administration, but i was marginally involved in discussions during the presidency of george w. bush about egypt, because they wanted to push egypt toward reform and nudge hosni mubarak toward reform. they were very concerned about the ways of hosni mubarak. and in the end, they pulled back from it. so i think there's plenty of blame to go around. this is a man who has been in power from reagan to obama. he's known five presidents, and he's picked the pocket and stiffed five presidents in a row. this kind of guessing who lost egypt and who should have known, i am really not interested in it. i wrote a lot about egypt trying to underline the troubles of the mubarak regime. it's really not about this debate in washington. it's really about this revolution in egypt and whether we go and embrace it and proclaim it and accept it as a legitimate revolution that a free people are entitled to. >> david, given the history with egypt, the american support of the mubarak regime for 30 years, how in your opinion have they been playing this, mixed messages
Feb 21, 2011 5:00pm EST
. gloria, the conventional wisdom has it that the government shutdown would help president obama politically, like the one back in '95 helped bill clinton politically. does that conventional wisdom hold in this case given the mood of the country. >> well, you know, at this point, i think what voters voted for is the congress and the president to work together and get something done, wolf, and if you go to the brink on this and you have a government shutdown, sure, perhaps president obama and democrats could benefit a bit from it, but overall, independent voters do not like this brinksmanship. they want it to end. that's what they vote for. you know, when they voted democrats out of office, it wasn't a mandate for the republicans per se. it was a mandate to get something done, so i actually think it's in neither side's interest right now to shut this government down, and it sounds like, if you listen, the leaders of both parties and the president don't want to do it. i think the wild card here, wolf, are the 87 new republican house freshman who may say -- who may not have been thr
FOX News
Feb 24, 2011 3:00am EST
, rahm emanuel as the black swan. which must make obama feel inadequate. maybe he can be the black and white swan, greg. >> very nice. >> i enjoyed that movie, did you like it? >> i wasn't able to see it. i couldn't look over the seat, don't you know? i hear it was a tore. >> good for you. >>> the unrest is libya is unresty. but one man isn't afraid to weigh in. yes, the glorious, glorious sting, spoken from peru. and he had this to say about libya. >> one of the most useful things about theyent have -- about the event is i think they have looked at our culture as the temple and what has come out of the conflict is just as complex as ours and stereo types have been counter productive, and so we need to treat the arab world in the same way we treat each other. what is happening in libya is about a man holding on to power who has no business holding on to power. i hope it stops soon. >> i wasn't even listening. i was looking and letting his words flow over me like warm, soapy milk. thank you for being sting. ahmadinejad who like sting has strong opinions and is a decent vocalist cond
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Feb 26, 2011 7:00pm EST
. >>> with most americans safely out of libya, new comments from president obama about libya abouts leader uammar. gun fire on a u.s. navy base reports navy guards have shot sailors. i'm harris hawker in. faulkner. we are live with fox reports tonight. >> what the libyan leader is doing now to his own people to clinch the power. his gun spreading the word. tonight, fox reports from inside libya with the latest developments. and at the border of a neighboring country dealing with an in flux of terrified people fleeing the violence. plus,. >> because of labor unions we had it. >> people filling the streets in cities across the u.s., showing solidarity with public workers, claiming unions are under attack by state budget cuts. tonight, we are live at the symbolic epicenter of the struggle. the state capitol in madison, wisconsin, where 12,000 public sector jobs hang in the balance. and shocking new video. showing a robbery in action. what the thugs took that brought this woman to risk her life to get it back. at this hour, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton taking their hardest l
Feb 21, 2011 1:00pm EST
issue of barack obama? president obama praised you back in 2007. the fact is barack obama is quietly supporting rahm emanuel, his former chief of staff. >> barack obama did not do a formal endorsement of rahm emanuel. barack obama supported me in 2007 in my race for city clerk. i served with barack obama for eight years in the illinois senate. i'm pleased with the fact that he decided not to do a formal endorsement in this race. he realizes this election should be decided by the voters in the neighborhoods of the city of chicago, not by endorsements nor by the millions of dollars that have come from will the the gentlewoman yield and wall street and washington, d.c. in support of rahm emanuel and other candidates in this race. >> one of the quotes you gave to the "chicago sun times" was when rahm emanuel was hiding under his desk because of his friendship with the clintons, i was doing the heavy lifting. i was the first latino to endorse barack obama for senate. i know i have earned the president's praise. he has spoken highly of my work in chicago's neighborhoods. do you feel the pr
Feb 23, 2011 10:00pm EST
house, president obama spoke out against the violence today and spoke up for the libyan people. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous. and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of libya. these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. the change that is taking place across the region is being driven by the people of the region. this change doesn't represent the work of the united states or any foreign power. it represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life. as one libyan said, we just want to be able to live like human beings. we just want to be able to live like human beings. it is the most basic of aspirations. that is driving this change, and throughout this time of transition, the united states will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people. >> president obama today. but keeping them honest, the u.s. and europe has a lot to answer for in its willingness to turn a blind
Feb 25, 2011 6:00am EST
and others are ready to release emergency stockpiles. president obama says the u.s. will be able to ride out the situation. the violence escalates in libya. thousands of farmers are trying to flee, but the weather is making that difficult. americans try to leave by boat are stuck because of high seas. the-plans to send a charter plane to a tripoli today. anti-government protesters are ramping up demonstrations and moving closer to the capital. still no signs moammar gaddafi will step down voluntarily. u.n. security council will meet today to decide what actions to take against the government there for the violent crackdown on protesters. pamela brown reporting, abc 7 news. >>> rescuers are still picking through the ruins of damaged or collapsed buildings in christchurch, new zealand. they are searching for more than 200 people missing since tuesday's devastating earthquake. relatives are waiting for word on their loved ones fade. officials said the death toll stands at 113. >>> virginia is set to enact one of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the country. the general assembly has passed a b
Feb 23, 2011 5:00pm EST
. president obama will be speaking about the unrest in libya. earlier today, secretary clayton everything will be on the table." the news indicates that anti- government protesters have been taking control of some of the major cities and towns closer to the capital. the opponents of muammar gaddafi are saying they will liberate the force. he is reportedly roaming the streets. the u.s. making efforts to get american citizens out of libya as well. waiting for president obama who should be here shortly. live coverage here on c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> good afternoon, everybody. secretary clinton and i just concluded a meeting to focus on ongoing situation in libya. over the last few days my national security team has been working around the clock to monitor the situation and to coordinate with our international partners about a way forward. first, we're doing everything we can to protect american citizens. it is my highest priority. in libya, we have urged our people to leave the country and the
Feb 20, 2011 7:00am EST
-737-0002, and independents, 202-628-0205. here is one of the headlines in "the washington post". "obama and congress had for face-off. shut down possible" senate and house are at odds. "the debate over the size and scope of the government now moves to the senate where leaders have said that the house plan which was adopted in the wee hours cuts too deep, and they are planning a far more modest proposal. with the senate of a recession all next week, senators have given themselves just a few days. given the tight time frame, it is unlikely the two chambers can agree on a compromise. if they do not, the government will shut down or congressional leaders will have to agree on a temporary measure for is water a couple oflittle as a weeks" john boehner says he will not include another extension unless it includes significant cuts." here is what nancy pelosi, the minority leader, had to say about the potential for a government shutdown. >> in recent days, we have heard talk about a government shutdown. let's remove all doubt. we all have a responsibility to make sure that there is no government shutdown. the l
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